List of Works


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The Wrong Party An Opera in Two Acts(1994)
The Sun Also Rises A One-Act Opera(1996)
Madrid A One-Act Opera(1997)
Stocks, Bonds, and Doggerel An Opera in Four Acts(2000)
As You Like It opera in Four Acts(2002)


Le Peintre de Matadors A Ballet in One ActOp. 9
Summer Ballet A Ballet in Four Scenes:Op. 20
Album A Commedia Dell'Arte BalletOp. 29
Polonaise A Pas de DeuxOp. 32
Two Ballet ScenesOp. 40
Vintage A Ballet in One ActOp. 41
Tango A Ballet SuiteOp. 42
The Judgement of ParisOp. 48
Waltzes A Ballet Pas D'ActionOp. 51
Air for StringsOp. 5b
The Vendor A Ballet in Three ActsOp. 49

Theatrical Music

Antigone Incidental MusicOp. 12

Opera Arias

Operatic AriasOp. 7
Songs and AriasOp. 26


Yolo County Suite for StringsOp. 2/70
Overture/"The City Gates" from the VendorOp. 4/49
Symphony (1982) in C# Minor for OrchestraOp. 5
Air for StringsOp. 5b
Song by TennysonOp. 7b
Summer BalletOp. 20
WaltzesOp. 51
Ceremonial Overture (Band)Op. 51b
The Vendor Suites for Strings.


Concertino for Piano and OrchestraOp. 52


Antigone Incidental Music (6 pieces) Op. 12
Two Nostalgic ThemesOp. 21
Album A Ballet (4 pieces)Op. 29
Polonaise No 1.Op. 32
Prelude Aria, FantasyOp. 33
Ballet Scenes (2 pieces from Ballet Scenes)Op. 40
Tango A Ballet Suite (5 pieces)Op. 42
Melodie, Salute, PastoraleOp. 43
City Scenes (6 pieces, including Polonaise No. 3)Op. 44
Polonaise No.4Op. 46
Heroic Fantasy in the Phrygian ModeOp. 47
The Judgement of Paris (A Ballet)Op. 48
Waltzes (6 pieces)Op. 51
Life of a Poet (7 pieces, including Tango No. 3)Op. 52
From Exile (6 pieces)Op. 53
Prelude, Aria, AndanteOp. 58
Two CavatinasOp. 59
Prelude, Canzone, NocturnOp. 60
Suite XVIOp. 61


Suite for Unaccompanied Violin

  • The Parisian
  • The Virtuoso
  • Garance: Beauty and Truth
  • Paris New York
Op. 4/62

Three Ballet Pieces (violin, viola, piano)

  • Interlude from "Polonaise"
  • Overture from "Vintage"
  • Waltz from "Vintage"
Op. 32/41
Adagio for the Moon (violin, piano) Op. 46 B


EtudesOp. 59
SuiteOp. 60
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